BLITZU Bike Lights Set: Illuminate Your Path with Safety and Style

BLITZU Bike Lights Set: Illuminate Your Path with Safety and Style

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As avid cyclists ourselves, we understand the importance of staying safe and visible while riding on the road, especially during nighttime or low-light conditions. That’s why we were excited to try out the BLITZU Bike Lights and Reflectors Set. This set includes a powerful 400 Lumen LED headlight, a 120 Lumen red taillight, and even a handy bell for added safety. Designed for riders of all ages, this set is not only easy to install but also durable and weather-resistant. With multiple lighting modes and USB-C charging capabilities, these lights are a complete cycling safety system that will give you peace of mind while on the road. Join us as we dive into a detailed review of the BLITZU Bike Lights and Reflectors Set and discover how they can enhance your nighttime riding experience.

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When it comes to staying safe on the road, having the right gear is essential. That’s why we love the BLITZU Bike Lights and Reflectors set. With a super bright 400 Lumen headlight and a 120 Lumen rear taillight, you’ll be visible from up to 1.2 miles away, whether you’re riding in broad daylight or at night. The wide-angle beam of the taillight ensures that you’ll be seen by drivers from blocks away, giving you added peace of mind while cycling.

Not only are these lights easy to install without any tools, wires, or extra batteries, but they’re also durable and weather resistant. Made to withstand adverse weather conditions, these lights are perfect for any type of cyclist. With multiple lighting modes and USB Type-C charging technology, the BLITZU lights are a complete cycling safety system that will keep you secure and visible at all times. Upgrade your bike accessories today and ensure a safer ride for you and your loved ones with the BLITZU Bike Lights and Reflectors set. Check it out on Amazon here!

Impressive Features and Functions

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The BLITZU Bike Lights are equipped with that make them a must-have accessory for night riding. The 400 Lumen headlight uses the latest LED technology to illuminate your path, ensuring you are visible even during daylight. The headlight is visible from up to 1.2 miles away, giving drivers more time to see and react. Additionally, the 120 Lumen red taillight has a 220° wide-angle beam that can be seen from blocks away, providing added protection from behind.

Installation of these lights is a breeze, taking just seconds to mount without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries. They are suitable for all standard bicycles and can also be used on scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs. The lights are easily removable for storage and charging, and their IPX5 water-resistant rating means they are built to withstand adverse weather conditions. With multiple lighting modes, including a handheld flashlight feature on the headlight, these lights ensure you’ll be safe and secure at any time of the day. Enhance your cycling safety with the BLITZU Bike Lights, now available for purchase on Amazon.

Features Specifications
Headlight Lumen 400
Taillight Lumen 120
Lighting Modes 9 (5 on headlight, 4 on taillight)
Charging USB Type-C

In-depth Analysis and Testing

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Our team conducted an of the BLITZU Bike Lights set, and we were impressed with its performance. The 400 Lumen Headlight proved to be incredibly bright, illuminating our path during night rides and making us visible even during daylight hours. The 120 Lumen Red Taillight had a wide-angle beam that could be seen from blocks away, providing protection from behind. We found the installation process to be quick and easy, requiring no tools or additional accessories. The lights are also IPX5 water resistant, ensuring durability even in adverse weather conditions.

Moreover, we appreciated the multiple lighting modes offered by both the headlight and taillight. The headlight doubles as a handheld flashlight and has 5 versatile lighting modes, while the taillight has 4 modes for different visibility options. This complete cycling safety system also includes an aluminum bike bell for added security. Developed by American designers and engineers, these lights are designed to be weather resistant and durable, with a military-grade anodized finish. The USB Type-C charging connector is a convenient feature that allows for faster charging, with a runtime of up to 6+ hours on strobe mode. With all these features and more, the BLITZU Bike Lights set is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their visibility and safety while cycling. Check it out here!

Final Recommendations

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After extensively testing the BLITZU Bike Lights, Reflectors, and Bell Set, we are impressed with its performance and durability. The super bright LED lights provide excellent visibility, whether you’re riding during the day or at night. The multiple lighting modes offer versatility and enhance safety. Additionally, the easy installation process makes it hassle-free to set up on any standard bicycle, scooter, stroller, or wheelchair. The weather-resistant construction ensures that these lights can withstand various outdoor conditions.

In conclusion, this BLITZU Bike Lights, Reflectors, and Bell Set is a complete cycling safety system that delivers on all fronts. If you’re looking for a high-quality, USA standard, rechargeable bike light set that provides exceptional illumination and visibility, then this is the perfect choice for you. Don’t compromise on safety – invest in this top-notch product today!

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

Review 1:

I just received this light set two days ago…and already it’s made my bike rides SOOOOO much better!!! It’s a little difficult to express how much safer I feel and how bright these things are!!! Be aware that the front headlight is MUCH smaller than you’ll think it will be, BUT that turns out to be a tremendous positive. It’s slightly smaller than a business card, and fits in your pocket easily if you go inside Starbucks and don’t want to risk it being stolen off your bike. It’s incredibly bright and has several modes to choose from. I use the “blinking” effect as it still illuminates the street ahead of me perfectly, but attracts more attention as it flashes versus just being “on”. Same thing with the tail light. MUCH brighter than I thought it would be…and also has several modes. Again, I choose the flashing mode as I believe it catches people’s attention. Drivers can’t help but notice you!!! At 65 years old, and starting my bike riding journey again after about 10 years of not riding, I feel much safer, more secure, and more confident riding now. In light of the inherent danger of riding on the street with cars speeding past, it’s comforting to know that at least now, I’m extremely visible. Not to mention that it’s nice to light up your path very brightly in front of you.

Oh…I almost forgot. The kit also comes with a bell that will remind you of your childhood. Yes….I mounted it on my handlebar…and actually use it. It’s quite loud. I use it to say hello to kids who wave hello as I ride past them, or to alert pedestrians that I’m approaching from behind if I’m riding on a sidewalk. It also came in handy yesterday as a car was starting to make a right turn as I was crossing the street when the light changed. He was looking to his left to make sure it was clear for him to continue his turn (meaning he was NOT looking at me!) I gave a couple thumb pushes and the bell caused him to turn his head and notice me. He stopped and had a panicked look on his face with his hands in the air apologizing to me. It possibly could have turned out much differently, but that little bell was loud enough to grab his attention, thankfully!!
I would have paid $100 for the peace of mind this light kit has provided, so to get it for less than $20 was a steal! They charge quickly too using the two USB-C cables that come with the set. How long the charge lasts I’m not sure of yet…but I only ride for about an hour a day, so I’ll likely get 3-4 days worth before having to recharge (I’m guessing).
If you’re on the fence regarding buying this kit…go ahead and get it! If you’re like me, you’re going to be thrilled with your decision!!! Happy (and safe) riding to all!

Review 2:

A year ago when I started working the afternoon shift at my current job, I was unsure as to when I would get the chance to get on the bike and put in some miles. The late wake up in the early afternoon meant little time before work to ride (and who really enjoys riding before work more than after?) so I took a look at some bargain bike lights available on the popular shopping website Amazon.
Riding at night is a whole different animal and without a bright enough light, potholes in country lanes or even dark city streets can come up pretty quickly. Here is a look at the headlight I ended up purchasing, the Blitzu Gator 320.
Previously I was running a cheap Walmart light, with a max brightness of around 60 lumens. This sort of light is enough to help you be seen by others whist riding along, but not nearly enough to light the way in front of you, especially down unlit paths.
Brightness / Battery Life
After doing a bit of research and comparison, I found a light of around 250-350 lumens should suffice to allow me to train on the roads I’m so familiar with in the Cumberland Valley. A bit of searching found me the Blitzu Gator 320, a USB rechargeable headlight capable of spitting out just over 300 lumens of light.
The Gator 320 has a run time of just over 2 hours on it’s brightest setting (~320 lumens) and I’ve found up to a 3-3.5 hour run time on lower settings. It runs in 4 modes; high, medium and low as well as a one-second strobe that operates on the brightest setting. The low setting was still brighter than the previous cheap light I was using. I found myself on moonlit rides using the medium setting and the high setting on completely dark rides.
Over the course of a longer ride if operating on the high or medium setting, as the battery gets low the light may start flickering which is an indication the battery is dying. At this point you can usually get another 30-60 minutes or so of use out of the light on the low setting which may help you from becoming completely stranded without any light.
Admittedly, 320 lumens seems like a minimum for riding country or unfamiliar unlit roads at night time and actually enjoying it. With moonlight the ride can be quite pleasant but on a cloudy night miles from town, your vision range is only about 15-40 feet. A higher rated light might triple that range, which is why some folks suggest 400+ lumens if planning to log a lot of night miles.
Being USB rechargeable, the Gator 320 is convenient. There is no more replacing batteries, simply plug it into a microUSB wall charger or computer port and it will reach full charge within about 2 hours which isn’t too bad among bike lights.
Durability & Versatility
The light is also quite durable and versatile. With an IPX5 water resistance rating, you will not have to worry about water getting into this light, even at 50 miles per hour. The headlight also sports a quick-release button on the side near the mount, so you can quickly slide it off and use it as a flashlight without taking the entire mount off.
As well as being removable, the mount also allows the headlight to swivel 360 degrees, so you can quickly get a glimpse of that deer on the side of the road with just a push of the finger.
Style / Appearance
There probably won’t be any beauty contests won by this headlight, though in the dark it’s not as though that really matters. The Gator 320 features an interesting jagged looking front end, while the rest of the shell is pretty smooth with what seems like a slightly rubberized coating (the black of the headlight feels rubberized, the silver is hard plastic). A power button is on top, while a rubber cover protects the microUSB recharging port on the bottom. However this positioning for me is typically reversed when I mount the light on my own bike, with the power button hanging on the bottom. This keeps the light from wanting to roll over when encountering bumpy roads, though the mount is more than capable of holding the light in place in an upright position.
The Blitzu Gator 320 is a great budget light for those who want to do some short nighttime training rides on familiar roads or those who need a bright commuting light for late night rides home. At around $20 USD it is affordable to most and is much brighter than those available at the same price in big box stores.

Review 3:

I bought two sets. Both work well. I did find that the mounting feature for the back light did not work with one bike. The seat is in the lowest position so the seat post isn’t exposed enough to attach the light. Because of this, I had to find another way to attach it to the back area. The other thing is that you have to cycle through the light settings to turn off the back light. The front light you just hold down the button. The front light feels well made. It is quite heavy though and may fall forwards or backwards if not put on tight enough. The front light is very bright, probably brighter than most flashlights I have. I haven’t had an issue with the bells as some have mentioned. Overall battery length, I haven’t had the chance to use them for a long period of time. I did charge them when I first got them back in June and they are still bright and not needing a charge.

Review 4:

Bought this for my grandson’s BMX, he loves it!

Review 5:

I bought 2 of these
One of the backlights does not charge.
It’s quite annoying I have to pay for shipping and claim a refund. Others items I purchased had Amazon take care of it all

Review 6:


Review 7:

Not as described, and looks nothing like the photo. I received what looks like something from the Dollar Store. The quality is poor and the lights are very dim. Would not recommend.

Review 8:

Great value for the price. Easy to install and very bright. Would definitely recommend.

Review 9:

Very pleased with this set of lights. Easy to install, bright, and the different modes are a nice touch. Would buy again.

Review 10:

These lights are amazing! Super bright, easy to install, and the battery life is great. Highly recommend.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


Super Bright Illumination: The 400 Lumen headlight and 120 Lumen taillight provide excellent visibility in both day and night conditions.
Easy Installation: No tools required for mounting, fits on all standard bicycles, scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs.
Multiple Lighting Modes: Headlight has 5 modes and taillight has 4 modes for versatile illumination options.
Cycling Safety System: Comes with an aluminum bike bell for added safety while riding.
USA Standard: Developed by American designers and engineers for premium quality and durability.


  • Some users may find the taillight beam angle to be too wide in certain situations.
  • The charging connector may be sensitive and require careful handling to avoid damage.
  • The highest setting on the headlight has a shorter runtime of 3 hours compared to the other modes.


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Q: Are the BLITZU Bike Lights easy to install?
A: Yes, the BLITZU Bike Lights are very easy to install and take just seconds to mount without the need for tools, wires, screws, or extra batteries and accessories.

Q: How durable are the BLITZU Bike Lights?
A: The BLITZU Bike Lights are built to withstand adverse weather conditions and are rated at IPX5 water resistant. They are constructed with years of use in mind and are impact resistant.

Q: How bright are the BLITZU Bike Lights?
A: The 400 Lumen Headlight uses the latest LED technology to illuminate your path and keep you visible during both night and daylight. The BLITZU DRLS are visible from up to 1.2 miles away even during daylight hours. The 120 Lumen Red Taillight has a 220° wide-angle beam that can be seen from blocks away.

Q: What kind of lighting modes do the BLITZU Bike Lights have?
A: The Headlight has 5 versatile lighting modes (High, Medium, Low, Strobe, Reflector Flash) and can also double as a handheld flashlight. The Taillight has 4 modes (Steady, Disco Flash, Strobe, Fast Flash) for enhanced visibility.

Q: Is the BLITZU Bike Lights Set suitable for all standard bicycles?
A: Yes, the BLITZU Bike Lights Set fits all standard bicycles and can also be used on scooters, strollers, and wheelchairs. They are easily removable for storing and charging.

Elevate Your Lifestyle

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As we wrap up our review of the BLITZU Bike Lights Set, we can confidently say that this accessory is a must-have for all cyclists looking to enhance their safety and style while riding. With its super bright LED lights, multiple lighting modes, easy installation, and durable construction, this set provides everything you need for a secure and enjoyable biking experience, day or night.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this complete cycling safety system. Illuminate your path with confidence and grab your BLITZU Bike Lights Set today!

Ready to take your biking experience to the next level? Click here to purchase your BLITZU Bike Lights Set now!

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