Enhance Your Vision with CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Enhance Your Vision with CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Welcome ‍to our review of the CNLO Blue light blocking Glasses!⁤ As avid users of digital devices, we understand the strain that ​prolonged⁣ screen time can‍ have on our eyes. That’s ⁣why we were ‍excited⁢ to try ​out these glasses that claim to ‍block blue light and provide UV‍ protection.

From the moment ​we put them​ on, we​ were impressed by the ​quality and⁣ design. The TR90 frame feels sturdy yet lightweight, ensuring a comfortable fit for both men and women. The integral nose pad adds an extra layer of comfort, making it easy to wear these glasses ​for extended periods.

But it’s the lens that truly sets​ these glasses apart. With a transmittance⁣ rate of over 92%, we experienced a clearer view while wearing them. ⁢The blue light blocking feature,​ with a rate of 35%, effectively blocked harmful blue⁢ light emitted by ​our TVs, smartphones, ⁣and computers.⁢ However, the glasses still allowed⁢ beneficial⁢ blue‍ light to ‌pass through, ensuring our eyes were not completely​ deprived of​ it.

The PC lens also proved to be resilient against strong impact, putting our worries ​of damage⁤ to rest. ⁣And‌ with 100% ⁣UV400 protection, we felt confident that ‌our eyes were shielded⁢ from‍ harmful UV rays, even ⁢on the sunniest days.

Not only did ​these glasses protect our ‌eyes, but‍ they also alleviated visual fatigue ⁤and discomfort after long hours of ⁤staring at screens. They minimized headaches and allowed us to enjoy a good night’s ‍sleep,‍ free from ‍the effects of blue light‌ exposure.

Overall, the CNLO Blue light blocking Glasses​ exceeded our expectations. With‍ their stylish design, high-quality materials, and effective ​blue light‍ blocking ‍capabilities, they are a must-have for anyone concerned about protecting their eyes in today’s digital ⁤age.

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Overview of the CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Our company prides itself on excellence,⁤ innovation, and transcendence ⁣when it comes to producing high-quality products. ‌With a focus on quality and the spirit of a craftsman, we present the CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses.​ These glasses are designed for everyday wear and offer ⁣a range of benefits to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of digital products and UV rays.

The CNLO Blue Light‍ Blocking Glasses feature AAA anti-impact⁤ lenses with a 35% anti-blue light rate, ensuring that harmful blue light emitted by ​digital ⁣devices is effectively blocked. With more than 92% high ​transmittance lens,​ you can ⁢enjoy a clearer view while still protecting your eyes. These glasses also offer 100% UV400 protection,​ safeguarding your ⁤eyes from potential damage caused by UV rays.

Additionally, the CNLO Blue Light‍ Blocking Glasses alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort that can arise from prolonged web surfing.⁢ The PC lens is strong and impact-resistant, ensuring durability even in high-impact situations. The⁢ TR90 frame ⁢is not easily deformed, providing a strong and sturdy structure for the glasses.

With an integral nose pad⁣ and a stylish design featuring a solid TR90‍ frame, these glasses are both comfortable⁢ and fashionable. Whether you’re working ‌on your computer,‌ gaming, or watching ⁤TV, the CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses are a valuable accessory to protect⁣ your eyes from daily‌ life and electronic products.

Experience the benefits‍ yourself and enjoy ‍a good night’s sleep by minimizing headaches ⁤and eyestrain. Click here to get your own pair of CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses from Amazon.com.

Highlighting the Features and Aspects⁢ of the CNLO Blue Light Blocking ‍Glasses

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These CNLO‍ Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed⁤ with excellence and innovation ⁣in mind. With a focus on quality, these glasses effectively block the blue light emitted by ‍digital products and provide‍ UV400 protection. The lenses have a transmittance of⁣ over 92%, ensuring a clearer view, while blocking 35% of ​harmful blue‌ light. ​This ⁤allows beneficial blue⁣ light to pass through, ⁣protecting your eyes from visual fatigue and discomfort ⁢caused by long periods of web surfing or screen time.

Made with⁢ a strong and not easily deformed TR90 frame, these glasses are designed for ⁤everyday ​wear. ​The top quality hinges with firm screws ensure durability and longevity. The integral nose pad provides a comfortable fit,⁢ while the stylish design ‌adds a touch of⁣ elegance to the frame. The​ various lens widths and bridge widths cater to different face‍ shapes and sizes, ensuring the perfect fit⁤ for everyone.

One of the standout features of these glasses is their‌ ability to protect your eyes​ from​ daily‌ life and electronic products. They effectively ⁢prevent UV damage and minimize headaches, allowing you ‍to enjoy ⁤a restful night’s sleep.⁤ Whether you’re working on⁣ a computer, watching ‌TV, or using your mobile phone, these glasses will provide the necessary anti-blue light, anti-glare, and anti-eyestrain protection.

Overall, the CNLO Blue Light ‌Blocking Glasses are a must-have ⁢for anyone looking to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of blue light. With their ⁢high transmittance lenses, strong frame, and various features, these glasses provide both style and functionality. Don’t compromise on your eye health⁤ – get a pair of CNLO Blue Light ⁣Blocking Glasses today.

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In-depth⁣ Insights and Recommendations for the CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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When it comes to‍ protecting our eyes from ⁢the harmful effects of digital screens, the ‌CNLO⁣ Blue Light Blocking Glasses are our top​ recommendation. These glasses are designed for everyday wear and offer⁢ a range of features that make them a must-have ‌for ​anyone who spends long hours in front of screens.

One​ of the standout‍ features of these glasses is their ability to effectively block blue light emitted by digital products. With ‍a 35%⁤ anti-blue light rate, these glasses ensure that your eyes are protected from the harmful​ effects of prolonged exposure to ⁣blue⁣ light. Additionally,⁢ the lenses have a high transmittance rate of over 92%, which⁢ means you’ll​ get a clearer view without‌ any‌ distortion.

Another key feature of these glasses is ‌their‍ ability to prevent UV damage to the eyes. With⁤ 100% UV400 protection,⁤ you ⁣can rest assured that your eyes ⁤are shielded from the damaging ⁤UV rays emitted ⁢by the sun and electronic​ devices. This not only ​helps to prevent eye‌ strain and ​fatigue but also ​promotes better ‌sleep by minimizing headaches caused by prolonged screen ⁣time.

The CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses feature a ‍stylish TR90 ⁢frame that is both lightweight and durable. With top-quality hinges and firm screws, these glasses ‍are ‌built to ⁢last.⁣ The integral nose pad ⁤ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to‌ wear⁣ them for extended ⁤periods without any​ discomfort.

We ‍highly recommend the CNLO Blue Light Blocking ⁣Glasses for anyone ​who wants to protect their eyes ‍from ⁣the negative effects of‍ blue light ⁤and UV rays. Don’t compromise on the ‌health of your eyes, invest⁢ in‌ a ⁣pair of these glasses and experience the difference. Click here to ⁣get your pair today!

Customer ‌Reviews Analysis

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Customer‌ Reviews Analysis

Review #1

​ Some people on here complaining ‌about the flimsiness ⁤of these ⁢frames and I like them that way! They are super lightweight, don’t leave ‌red marks on ​the bridge of my nose when‌ I take them off, and ‌their pliability really shines when they don’t interfere or hurt my ears after ‌putting on my ⁢noise-canceling⁤ headphones. They’re so lightweight and comfortable, I forget I am wearing them, ⁣which⁣ I don’t mind because they look good,⁣ too.​ As effective as some of these ‌other ​glasses ‍on here that come with the blue light tester. ⁤I ⁤did‍ a side-by-side and they are equal. I’m returning⁢ the‌ other⁤ ones ⁣because the sturdier frame brings weight, digs in when⁢ I where my over-the-ear headphones, ‍and leaves big red marks on my nose after wearing them for only a ‍few minutes. Obvi, I⁣ don’t like that. Oh! And these Cnlo ⁢glasses come with a cool case and chamois .only drawback for me: glare. During zoom meetings​ a blue shimmer covers my eyes.

Review #2

  • PROTECTING MY EYES IS⁣ A PRIORITY: computer & smart phone’s blue light is detrimental to eye retina tissue. These glasses⁣ block the blue light rays as ‍I work for hours on the computer.
  • Product is all⁣ of the above: comfortable, fashionable,​ light weight, durable.
  • comes with a clever folding case⁢ & a cleaning cloth: these 2 amenities are greatly appreciated.
  • Mailed in a sturdy box ‍for protection.
  • Wish I had bought these years ago!

Review #3

​ ⁤ These glasses are exactly what I was expecting. They’re lightweight⁣ and stylish, while not being expensive. They also come with ⁤a case⁤ and cleaning cloth which is a plus. They⁤ are a little small ⁤on my head, but that’s just me. Overall, solid glasses.

Review #4

​ ‌ So far so good! Very stylish.

Review #5

‌ These are ‍awesome! I tried them on ⁢and⁣ love them they feel really light on my face and really ⁤block ​out the blue‍ light! Recommended!

Review #6

La ⁣verdad las compré Porq ⁤fueron unas de las primeras ⁢que me aparecieron ‍pero son muy⁢ buenas y cómodas.

Review #7

⁢ These aren’t very high quality and easily breakable. The‌ lenses popped ⁤out after about a‍ week‌ of ‍use.

Review #8

‌ ​ Very light​ glasses, almost don’t feel while wearing them. Feel so much better​ after using them, my eyes are less dry, less headache. Overall, recommend ‌them.

Review #9

El diseño es excelente. Cumple su función y trae su estuche y paño. Solo siento un poco débil⁣ el material, también es muy ligero.

Review #10

Las utilizo casi⁤ a diario, realizan a la⁣ perfección su función.

Review #11

​ Ich habe kürzlich die Blaulicht-Filter Brille erworben und bin positiv überrascht von der Qualität dieser Brille.​ Zunächst fiel mir das ansprechende ⁣Packaging auf – gut gestaltet und robust, was für mich einen positiven ersten Eindruck hinterließ. Die Brille selbst übertraf⁢ meine Erwartungen, insbesondere angesichts des erschwinglichen Preises. Sie ist leicht und⁢ angenehm zu tragen, ohne Druckstellen oder Unannehmlichkeiten, auch ‌nach stundenlanger ‌Nutzung am Bildschirm. ‌Der Blaulicht-Filter erfüllt seinen Zweck hervorragend. Seit‌ ich ⁣diese Brille benutze, habe ich weniger Augenbelastung und fühle⁤ mich insgesamt weniger erschöpft nach einem langen Tag am ⁢Bildschirm. Was ⁢mich besonders⁣ beeindruckt hat, ist das unschlagbare Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Ich habe für diese hochwertige Brille einen vergleichsweise kleinen Betrag⁤ gezahlt, was‍ sie zu einer⁣ äußerst lohnenswerten Investition macht. Zusammengefasst, diese Blaulicht-Filter ⁢Brille hat‌ mich ‍angenehm überrascht. Mit​ hochwertiger Qualität, einem effektiven⁢ Blaulicht-Filter und einem tollen Preis⁤ ist sie für alle,​ die viel ​Zeit vor Bildschirmen verbringen,⁢ definitiv eine Überlegung wert.

Review #12

⁣ Pour le‍ prix, ces lunettes⁣ font le job de filtration de la lumière bleue. Bon, c’est du plastique et elles‍ ne dureront ​probablement pas des années,​ mais⁢ en attendant, j’en suis satisfait. A noter que, portant des lunettes‍ correctives de la vue, ces lunettes peuvent malgré tout se porter comme “sur-lunettes”, à moins d’avoir un tout petit nez…. 🙂

Review #13

​ As expected.

Pros &‍ Cons

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Pros & Cons


  1. Blue Light Blocking: With a 35% anti-blue light rate, these glasses effectively block harmful blue light emitted by digital devices,‌ such as TVs, mobile phones, and computers.
  2. UV400 Protection: The glasses have​ 100% UV400 protection, preventing damage⁢ to your eyes​ caused by UV rays.
  3. Alleviates Eye Strain: By reducing visual fatigue and discomfort, these glasses can alleviate the⁣ eye strain⁤ caused by long⁣ periods of web surfing or computer use.
  4. Anti-Glare: The lenses have an‌ anti-glare feature, allowing for a ⁤clearer view and ⁣reducing reflections from light⁣ sources.
  5. Stylish Design: The glasses⁢ feature a ‍stylish TR90 frame that is‍ both lightweight and strong.
  6. High Transmittance Lens: With a​ transmittance of more than 92%, these glasses provide a clearer⁢ view without compromising the blue light blocking functionality.
  7. Durable Construction: The glasses are made with top quality⁤ hinges ⁣and⁣ firm screws, ensuring their durability.
  8. Integral Nose Pad: The integral nose pad design ‍adds extra comfort during wear.


  1. The glasses come⁣ in only one frame color option.
  2. The lens width may not accommodate those with larger⁢ faces.
  3. The bridge width ‌may not be suitable for those​ with wider‌ noses.
  4. Some users may find the temple length to be slightly ⁤shorter or longer⁤ than desired.


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Q: Are‍ these glasses suitable for both men and women?
A: ‍Yes,⁤ these glasses are designed to be worn by both men and women. They‌ have a stylish and versatile design that can complement any outfit.

Q: What is the‌ frame material of these ‌glasses?
A:⁣ The frame of these glasses is made from TR90, ‍which is a strong and durable ‌material. It is‍ resistant to deformation, ensuring that your glasses will maintain their shape even ‍with regular use.

Q: Do these⁣ glasses provide protection against UV rays?
A: Yes, these glasses have ⁣UV400 protection, which means they can effectively ⁢block harmful UV rays. This helps to prevent UV damage to your⁤ eyes and keep them safe from the sun’s harmful rays.

Q: Can these glasses alleviate⁢ eyestrain caused by prolonged computer use?
A:⁢ Absolutely! These glasses are specifically designed to ​alleviate visual fatigue and discomfort caused by long periods of web surfing or computer use.‌ The PC lens ⁢used in ‍these glasses is strong and impact-resistant, ensuring that your eyes‌ are protected while‍ you work ⁣or play on your⁢ computer.

Q: How effective are ​these‍ glasses​ in blocking blue light?
A: The lenses of these glasses have a 35% anti-blue light rate, which⁣ means they can effectively block harmful blue light emitted by digital devices such as‌ TVs, mobile phones, and computers. ‍This helps to reduce eye strain and prevent the ‌negative effects of blue ⁢light on your ‍vision.

Q: Can I wear these glasses while watching TV or playing games?
A: Absolutely!⁢ These glasses are designed for everyday wear‌ and⁣ can be worn ‍while watching TV, playing games, or using any digital devices. They will help protect your eyes from the ⁢harmful effects of blue light emitted by these devices.

Q: Do these glasses come with integral nose pads for added comfort?
A: Yes, these glasses are equipped with integral nose pads, which provide added comfort and ensure a secure fit. The nose pads are ‌designed to sit comfortably ⁣on your nose ‍without causing any discomfort or pressure.

Q: Are these glasses lightweight‍ and comfortable to ⁤wear?
A: Yes, these glasses are made with‍ a lightweight TR90 frame, which makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. The⁢ frame is strong and durable while still being⁣ lightweight, providing a comfortable fit without weighing down your face.

Q: Can these glasses help improve sleep quality?
A: Yes, wearing these glasses before bed can‍ help minimize the negative effects of blue ⁣light on your ⁢sleep‍ quality. By​ blocking‌ harmful blue light, ⁤these glasses can help promote better sleep ​and ⁢reduce headaches caused by prolonged exposure to blue light.

Q: What are⁣ the dimensions of these glasses?
A:‌ The lens width of these glasses is 2.05in, the bridge ⁣width is 0.47in, and the ‌temple length is 5.3in.‌ These dimensions ensure a comfortable fit for most face shapes and sizes.

Remember, ‌it is‍ always important ⁣to consult with an eye care professional before purchasing ‍any eyewear, especially ‍if you have​ specific vision needs or ⁣concerns.

Seize the Opportunity

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In conclusion, if you’re looking to ​enhance⁤ your vision ‍and protect your ⁣eyes⁤ from‍ the harmful effects of blue light, look no​ further ‌than CNLO Blue Light‍ Blocking Glasses. With‍ their stylish TR90 frames and high-quality lenses, these glasses offer not⁢ only a fashionable accessory but also a ‍solution to the digital eye‌ strain and discomfort⁢ caused by‍ prolonged screen time.

With a transmittance rate of over 92% and a 35% anti-blue light rate, these glasses effectively block the harmful blue light emitted by digital devices ⁣while allowing ⁢beneficial blue light to pass through. ⁤This means ‍you can enjoy clearer views, alleviate visual fatigue, ⁤and prevent UV⁣ damage to your eyes.

The TR90 frame is strong and resistant to deformation, ensuring long-lasting durability. Additionally, the integral nose pads provide a comfortable and⁢ secure fit, perfect for everyday wear.

Whether you’re a gamer, frequent⁣ computer user, or simply someone​ who spends ‍a lot of time in front of screens, CNLO Blue Light Blocking⁣ Glasses are designed⁣ to protect your eyes and ‍enhance⁣ your visual experience.

Don’t compromise your eye health any ⁣longer. Take‍ the first step ‍toward alleviating eye strain, minimizing‍ headaches, ‌and enjoying restful sleep by clicking the link below to get your CNLO Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!

Click here to enhance your vision with CNLO Blue​ Light Blocking Glasses

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