Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly

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Welcome to ⁢our latest product review! Today, we⁣ are excited to share our experience with the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong ‌Game‍ Set. This stunning set features 146 numbered melamine large tiles in a‍ vibrant green color, along with a‌ convenient carrying travel⁣ case, English instructions,⁤ and ‍a complete ⁣set of mahjong tiles.

First and foremost, we were impressed by ​the quality of​ the tiles. Constructed‌ with supreme quality food-grade melamine, these tiles have a durable and sturdy feel to them. The difference is‌ noticeable as soon as you touch them, giving you a sense of reassurance ⁣that ⁢they will withstand ⁤years of play without ⁤fading or discoloration.

One aspect that ⁤sets this set apart is the inclusion of both Arabic numbers and Chinese characters engraved clearly on each tile. This attention​ to ‌detail makes it easy to ‌read and interpret the tiles during ⁤gameplay, even for those who may not ⁣be fluent in Chinese characters.

Speaking of gameplay, it’s important ‌to note ​that this set is designed for Chinese rules only. It ‍does not contain Joker tiles or⁤ racks, ⁤which are⁢ necessary for American/Western rules. However, English⁤ instructions are included, allowing players to easily learn and enjoy traditional Chinese mahjong.

The size of the tiles is another standout feature. ⁢Slightly larger than ⁢standard‍ tiles, they‍ are easier⁣ to handle and read, making gameplay more enjoyable‍ for ‌players ⁢of⁣ all skill levels. If‌ you prefer a slightly bigger‌ tile size, this ‌set is ‍perfect​ for you.

The ⁢traveling aspect of this ⁢set ‌is also worth ‍mentioning. The‌ red travel ‍case and trays⁣ are⁣ compact and lightweight, allowing for easy transport wherever you may want to play. The case measures ⁢14 3/4″ x 10 4/5″ x 2″, ensuring that it won’t take up too much space in your​ bag or luggage.

In conclusion, the‍ Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set is a professional-grade set that offers a high-quality playing experience. With⁢ its ‍durable melamine ​tiles, easy-to-read engravings, and compact travel case, ‍it’s a⁣ perfect choice for both beginner and‍ experienced mahjong enthusiasts. As a USA ⁤seller, we prioritize your satisfaction,⁢ so please don’t hesitate to ⁢contact ⁣us⁢ if you have any questions.

Table of Contents

Overview of the⁣ Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set 146 Numbered ⁤Melamine Large⁢ Tiles (Green)

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图

In the world ⁣of Mahjong, the Mose Cafolo⁤ Chinese ‌Mahjong‌ Game Set stands out ⁢with its exceptional features and superior quality. This set includes 144 ‌tiles, each meticulously crafted with clear engravings⁤ of Arabic numbers‌ and Chinese characters. With a focus⁤ on durability,​ these tiles are made from ⁢supreme ‍quality food-grade​ melamine, ensuring they ​will last for years without fading or discoloration. Not only are they durable, but the slightly larger size makes them ‌easier to ‍handle and read, catering to the needs ‌of professional players.

The Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set is ⁤specifically⁢ designed for⁢ Chinese rules and does not include⁣ Joker tiles or racks. However,‍ it‍ does ⁤come‍ with English instructions, making it accessible to a⁣ wider range of players. With our 100%‌ satisfaction guarantee and being a trusted USA seller,⁢ you can buy with confidence knowing that‌ we prioritize your happiness. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free ‌to contact us for assistance.

To experience the joy and ⁣excitement ⁢of playing Mahjong with this top-quality set,‌ purchase now and elevate your gaming ⁢experience to new heights.

Key Features and Aspects of the Mose ⁢Cafolo ⁢Chinese Mahjong Game Set

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图1

  1. Arabic Numerals⁣ in All Tiles: The Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set features tiles that have both Arabic numbers and Chinese characters engraved⁤ clearly​ on them. ‍This ensures easy identification and‌ understanding of the tiles‌ during gameplay.

  2. Durable Tiles: Made from supreme quality food-grade melamine, ‍the tiles in this set are⁤ not​ only durable but also have a premium⁣ feel to them. You can expect these tiles ‌to withstand years of use without worrying‌ about fading‌ or ⁤discoloration.‌ Designed with professional players in mind, the slightly larger tile size makes them easier to handle and read. If⁤ you prefer playing with slightly ⁢larger tiles, this ⁢set is perfect for you.

  3. For ⁤Chinese Rules Only: It’s​ important to note that​ this set does not contain Joker tiles or racks, and therefore, it is not suitable for playing American ⁢or Western ‌rules. However, English instructions⁢ are included to guide you through the Chinese style of gameplay.

  4. Satisfaction Guaranteed: As a ⁣USA seller, your satisfaction​ is our top ‍priority. You can buy this Mose ⁢Cafolo Chinese⁢ Mahjong ​Game ⁤Set with confidence, knowing that⁢ we are dedicated ⁤to⁢ providing excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns,⁤ please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Make your next game night an ​unforgettable‌ experience with the Mose⁣ Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set. Click here to ⁤get yours‍ now and elevate your gameplay to a‌ whole new​ level ​of excitement!

In-Depth Insights​ and Specific Recommendations for the​ Mose⁣ Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图2

Let us ⁣dive into ​the‍ fantastic features of the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set ⁣and provide you with some specific recommendations. One of the standout qualities of this set is ​the inclusion of Arabic numbers in addition to the⁢ traditional Chinese characters engraved on the tiles. This thoughtful detail ensures that players ⁤of all backgrounds can easily read and understand the tiles, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Another impressive aspect is​ the durability of the tiles.⁤ Crafted from supreme quality food-grade melamine, these tiles ‍feel substantial and sturdy to the touch. You won’t have to worry about fading or discoloration over time, as the high-quality material is built to last. Additionally, the‍ slightly larger tile size makes handling and reading them a breeze, especially for those who prefer ⁣a more substantial feel to their tiles.

It is worth noting that this set⁤ is specifically designed‍ for Chinese rules ⁤only ‌and⁤ does not ‍contain Joker tiles or ⁤racks. Therefore, ‌it may not be suitable‍ for those looking ⁢to⁤ play American or Western rules. However, fear not, as the set comes with clear and concise English instructions, making it easy to ‍learn⁢ and play the traditional Chinese version of the game.

With our commitment⁢ to customer⁤ satisfaction, you can purchase this Mose ⁣Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set with confidence. As a USA seller, we prioritize your happiness and are always ready to assist you‍ with ⁣any ⁣questions or concerns. So ‍why wait? Take the next step towards your ⁤Mahjong adventure by‌ clicking here to order ​your very own Mose ⁣Cafolo Chinese‌ Mahjong Game Set from Amazon.com!

Note: The link⁢ provided will take you to the product page on Amazon.com, where you can⁢ make your purchase⁢ securely.

Additional Recommendations to Enhance Your Mahjong Experience with the⁢ Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game​ Set

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图3

  1. Mahjong Accessories: Enhance your gaming experience by⁢ investing in additional mahjong ⁢accessories. Consider purchasing mahjong racks to keep your tiles organized during⁣ gameplay. ​Racks not only provide⁤ convenience but also create ‌a more professional and organized atmosphere. Additionally, a mahjong table cover can help protect​ your⁣ table and prevent any damage. These accessories​ can elevate your mahjong sessions and make⁤ them ​more enjoyable.

  2. Mahjong Strategy Guide: If you’re new⁤ to mahjong or want to improve your‌ gameplay, consider investing in a mahjong strategy​ guide. These guides ⁢provide valuable insights ​into effective tactics, tile combinations, and winning strategies. Whether ⁤you’re a beginner or an experienced player, a strategy guide can‍ help you sharpen your skills⁢ and⁢ become a formidable opponent. With the Mose Cafolo Chinese⁣ Mahjong Game Set,⁢ you’ll‍ have ⁣the perfect foundation to apply the​ techniques learned from‍ a strategy guide ‌and take your gameplay⁢ to ⁢the next ​level.

  3. Mahjong Mat: To create a⁤ dedicated ‍playing area, we ⁣recommend using a mahjong mat. This not ⁣only ​protects your ⁤table but also provides⁣ a smooth‌ and ⁣comfortable surface for tile shuffling ⁢and gameplay. The soft material of the​ mat prevents the tiles from making noise while being laid on the⁢ table, enhancing the overall playing experience. A mahjong mat is⁢ a great investment‌ for long hours of uninterrupted gameplay.

  4. Mahjong-themed Drinkware: Add some fun and personality to your mahjong gatherings with⁤ mahjong-themed drinkware. Enjoy a refreshing⁣ beverage from mugs or glasses featuring mahjong motifs. This ‍small touch can add a touch of whimsy and ​camaraderie to your gaming sessions. Serve your guests in style and showcase‍ your love for mahjong with⁢ these⁤ unique and playful additions.

Make the most out of your Mose Cafolo ‌Chinese ​Mahjong Game Set by incorporating these ⁣recommendations ​into your gameplay.⁤ Elevate ​your experience with additional accessories, strategy guides, a mahjong mat, and even thematic drinkware. Unlock ‍new levels of enjoyment⁣ and skill as you delve into the rich world of mahjong. Purchase your own Mose ‍Cafolo Chinese ‌Mahjong Game Set now on Amazon.

Customer Reviews Analysis

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图4

Customer Reviews⁤ Analysis

Review Rating

⁢ Wow. These tiles are hefty and filled with so much detail. Beautiful quality. Great purchase.

I received ‌the product ⁤a couple of days ago and had ⁣time to use‍ it with family and ‌friends.⁤ They all complimented⁢ the set about⁢ how easy ‍it is⁣ to ⁤understand ‌because of the numbers and letters on the tiles. The tiles are well-made and⁣ easy ⁢to handle. It is ⁣a great ‍mahjong set to enjoy with family and friends, especially‍ for those who are new to mahjong.Side note: ​There were supposed to be three dice in the set, but only two were ⁣found. I contacted customer service to get the third ⁤dice and they responded right ⁣away and delivered it ‌as ‌soon​ as possible. Instead of just receiving one dice, ‌they sent me a new set of dice ​(blue ones in the picture). They were⁢ bigger​ and the color ‌blue is great.

I had⁢ a smaller⁤ one but ordered this and it was a great size. Comes with ‌a nice size carrying‍ case and all. Definitely a great buy. 5/5
I like it very nice and it came with ⁤all the pieces.⁣ It is a little heavy but I like 4/5
The⁤ product⁢ was‌ really good quality. The first⁤ thing I noticed was how heavy the box was. I ​can see ⁣how the⁤ case​ can be very flimsy but overall,​ I’d highly recommend this for⁢ people⁣ who are harder of ‌seeing and for ‍a quality product that will likely last a long time! No complaints so far! 4/5
The tiles are‌ heavy and nice quality. The carrying⁣ case is a little flimsy, but overall a nice set. 4/5
A very nice ⁢set a nice ​carrying case. Looking forward to making this a family ‍game tradition on⁤ game night 5/5
Super happy about this Mose‍ Cafolo ⁤New Mahjong set.this set includes everything you need to ‌play Chinese Mahjongg Game — true complete Mahjong ‌game ‍set for Chinese rules, NOT American rules.As 40 years Mahjong Player ⁣I can tell the quality of the ⁤tiles are much better⁣ than any other sets my friends and ​I purchased from⁤ Amazon before. the tiles is about 1.45​ inches tall ‌which is very big ‍and⁢ easy to handle.⁤ the numbered⁢ tiles⁣ are very ⁤helping for ⁣my Non-Chinese friends. the ‌red ‍leather case came‌ with the set has very ‍beautiful and tasty pattern on it, ​and it is really sturdy. my friends and I have ⁣been pleasantly surprised.‍ I am so fond of this⁢ Mahjong⁤ set. ‌since​ arrived, my friends and I‍ used this set for every⁢ our games.Highly Recommend!II 5/5
The game is ⁤great and a really good‌ size⁣ and​ the artwork is great on each and every piece. I’ like to add that⁣ when we receive the original game there was a one ⁤piece that didn’t belong and, therefore, we were short 1 piece. ‍I notified the Company and within hours ⁤of my email,‌ they replied, apologised, and immediately send the missing piece us by courier! ⁣ Amazing! ​I would recommend this company⁤ Mose Cafalo if ⁤you⁢ are looking at purchasing the Mahjong game. Enjoy the game. Cheers​ to the people at Mose Cafola!‌ ‍ Hey, Amazon, this is a quality​ company – good on ⁣ya! 5/5
Product came on time and satisfied with quality and price 5/5
Nothing great products 2/5
We ⁤played this ​mahjong set and ‍I love using it. Sturdy and it has‍ a deep embossed ‌on the characters, making it better when you want to ⁢feel the dice before it ⁢reveals‍ itself. Kind of ⁣guessing⁤ what you pick. The only things that ‍I did not like is the very tiny dice ⁢and the very thin chips and insufficient ​colors ( only have 3 sets of colours,‍ should be at least 4 ). Other than that, I​ love the sets. 4/5
The tiles themselves are of‍ a nice ⁣size and weight.⁢ They have a decent finish and the colours are bright. The case⁢ leaves a bit to be desired, but ‍will ​hold everything. The⁣ only real problem I have with them⁢ is⁣ the‍ bam colours, they use red, black ‌and green on all⁢ tiles, so it may be difficult for a new player to make⁣ an all green hand. 4/5

Upon ⁢analyzing the​ customer reviews for the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game‌ Set, ​we⁢ found that the majority of‌ customers‍ were ⁣highly satisfied with their purchase. Here ‌is a breakdown of the key ‌points mentioned in the reviews:

  1. Quality: Many customers praised the sturdy and heavy ‍construction of the tiles, along with the intricate ‍details and beautiful design. The ⁤product was noted ‌to ⁤be of better quality compared to ‌other similar sets on the ⁣market.
  2. Easy to Use: Customers appreciated the inclusion of numbers and letters on⁢ the tiles, which made it easier to‍ understand the gameplay, especially for those new to mahjong.
  3. Customer⁤ Service: One customer mentioned receiving ⁣only two dice instead of three, but‍ praised the company’s excellent customer service for promptly providing a replacement set ‌of dice.
  4. Size and Portability: The set’s larger size⁣ was positively ⁤received, and the carrying ⁣case was deemed of​ a‌ good size‍ for easy‍ storage and transportation.
  5. Complete ⁢Set:⁤ Customers liked that the set came⁣ with all the necessary pieces to play ​Chinese mahjong, ⁣adhering to the correct‌ rules of the‌ game.
  6. Minor Flaws: Some customers ‍mentioned⁤ minor‌ issues such ⁤as the flimsiness of the carrying⁢ case, the small size of⁢ the dice, ⁤and the limited color options for the chips.

Overall, the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set received predominantly positive feedback, with customers expressing their satisfaction with the quality, ease of⁢ use, and completeness of the set. The⁢ company’s ‍responsive customer service‌ was also highly appreciated.

Pros &‍ Cons

Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图5

Pros & Cons


  • Large⁣ tiles ​and clear engravings ‍make it easy to handle and‍ read
  • Made of supreme quality food ‍grade melamine for durability
  • High-quality materials ensure the set lasts for years without fading‍ or discoloration
  • Includes English instructions for easy‍ understanding
  • Compact and travel-friendly design makes it convenient to carry
  • Includes a variety of tiles for traditional Chinese mahjong gameplay


  • Not suitable for playing American or⁣ Western mahjong rules
  • Does not⁣ contain Joker tiles⁢ or ‌racks


Experience the Classic Game with Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set: Large Tiles, Durable Quality, and Travel-Friendly插图6
Q: ‍What are‍ the dimensions of the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set?

A:‌ Each tile measures⁤ 1 4/10″ ‌x 1 1/8″‌ x 7/8″ (3.6cm x 2.8cm x 2.2cm). The case ‍measures 14 3/4″ x 10 ⁢4/5″ x 2″ (37.5cm x ‌27.5cm x 5cm). It’s a compact and‌ travel-friendly set that you⁤ can easily‍ take ‍with you wherever you‍ go.

Q: What is included in ​the set?

A: The Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set includes ​144 tiles,‌ 2 spare ⁣tiles, 3 dice, a bettor/wind indicator,⁢ and a set of colored chips. It has everything you need for a complete mahjong game.

Q: Are the tiles durable?

A: Absolutely! The tiles ​are made of supreme quality⁤ food-grade melamine, which adds a ⁣touch of ⁢luxury ⁤to⁤ your playing experience. The durable material ensures that the tiles will last for years without‍ fading or discoloration. ⁣You can feel the difference in the quality when you touch the tiles.

Q: Can ⁢this set be used for American or Western rules?

A: Unfortunately, no. This set⁣ is specifically designed for Chinese rules only. It does not contain Joker tiles or ‍racks, so it would ⁣not be suitable for playing American or Western mahjong. However, it does come with English‍ instructions for your ⁢convenience.

Q: ⁢What is the difference⁤ between this set and others?

A: The Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong‍ Set stands out due ⁤to its large tile​ size and durable quality. ⁤The slightly larger tiles make them easier to handle and read, especially for professional players. The engraved Arabic numbers and Chinese characters on all the tiles add an extra ​level of⁣ clarity. If you prefer‌ slightly larger size tiles, this set is perfect for you.

Q: Can I ‌trust the‍ seller?

A: Absolutely!​ We ⁣are a USA seller, and your ⁢satisfaction is‌ our top⁢ priority. ⁤You can buy with confidence, knowing that we are committed to⁣ providing excellent customer service. If⁤ you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

We hope this Q&A section has provided you with the information you need about the Mose Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Set. This set⁢ offers large tiles, durable quality, and is travel-friendly, making it a great⁤ choice for any mahjong enthusiast. Don’t miss out on experiencing the classic game with this ⁤exceptional set!​

Achieve New⁤ Heights

In conclusion,⁤ we highly ⁢recommend the Mose ​Cafolo Chinese Mahjong Game Set​ to‌ all mahjong ⁢enthusiasts‍ out there.⁣ With its large tiles, durable quality, and travel-friendly design, this set offers an exceptional gaming experience.

One of⁤ the standout features of this set ⁢is the engraved Arabic numbers on each tile, making it ⁤easy for ⁢both beginners ⁤and experienced players ‌to read ‌and handle. The 146⁢ numbered melamine tiles ensure that you have all⁤ the necessary⁣ components to ​play‌ the game, ⁢including 36 Circles, 36 Bamboos, 36‌ Characters, 12 Dragons, 16 Winds, and 8 Flowers and​ Seasons.

The⁣ tiles are made⁣ of supreme ‍quality food-grade melamine, ensuring durability and longevity. You can ⁣feel the difference in quality when you touch them. The material is resistant to⁢ fading and​ discoloration, meaning you can enjoy countless games ⁤without worrying about wear and tear.

This ⁢set is designed for ‌Chinese rules only and does not contain Joker tiles or racks. However,‍ it includes English instructions, making it accessible to players​ of all​ backgrounds.‍ Whether you’re a casual player or a​ professional, this set is a perfect choice.

As a USA seller, we prioritize customer satisfaction. You can buy with confidence, knowing that we stand behind our product. If you have​ any ‍questions or⁤ concerns,‍ please feel free to ⁤contact⁣ us –‌ we’re here to help.

Make your ⁢gaming sessions even more enjoyable and ⁢convenient with ‌the Mose Cafolo Chinese ⁤Mahjong Game Set. Don’t miss out ‍on⁢ this⁤ incredible⁣ opportunity – click here to purchase your set today and experience the ‍classic game in a whole new way!

Click here ‌to buy the Mose Cafolo‌ Chinese ⁤Mahjong Game Set on Amazon.com

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