Review: 247sports Michigan Football – Tailgate in Style with NCAA Licensed Junior Football

Review: 247sports Michigan Football – Tailgate in Style with NCAA Licensed Junior Football

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Hey there,⁢ sports fans! If ⁣you’re looking‍ to elevate your ‌game day experience or simply have some fun in the backyard, then we’ve got the perfect product for you. We recently got our hands on ⁣the Franklin⁤ Sports Kids‍ NCAA Youth ⁤Football – Official College Team Football with ⁤Team Logos – Junior Size Football,⁣ and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

From the moment​ we laid⁣ eyes on‌ this football, adorned with authentic NCAA team logos ⁤and colors, we knew we⁢ were‌ in ⁤for a treat. The junior size was just right for a comfortable grip, allowing ‌us to channel our inner ‍pros on the field. The easy grip surface and pro style ‌hand sewn laces made‌ throwing ​and catching⁤ a breeze, giving us the confidence to⁣ make those precision ‍passes we’ve⁤ always dreamed of.

Not to mention, the officially licensed ⁢University of‌ Michigan football we received was constructed with ⁤highly durable PVC and featured specially embossed logos for ⁢a⁢ unique look​ and feel. It was like holding a ‌piece‌ of‌ college football ⁣history in‍ our hands. Trust us, ⁣this Franklin Sports football is ⁤a game changer‍ when it comes⁣ to⁣ tailgating, backyard⁤ play, or simply showing off your team spirit. So ⁣go ahead, grab one ‌for yourself ⁣and get‌ ready ‍to score⁢ big⁤ on game day!

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Overview: ⁤A Fun and‌ Durable‌ Football for Kids

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Looking for ‌a⁢ fun and durable football for ⁣kids? Look ⁣no further! The Franklin Sports NCAA‍ Youth Football is the perfect choice for young football enthusiasts. With authentic NCAA⁢ team logos and‌ colors, this junior-sized football is ideal for a family toss around the yard or​ for tailgating before the big game. The deep-pebble surface material and pro style hand-sewn laces make it easy to ⁣grip and⁢ throw, while the precision-stitched laces provide control⁤ and accuracy when throwing.

This University⁤ of ⁣Michigan football is constructed of highly durable PVC, ensuring that it⁢ can withstand the rough ⁤and tumble play of kids. Measuring 8.5 inches, it’s the perfect size ⁣for little hands to catch and throw like the pros. The specially embossed logos give ​it a unique ​look and feel that any⁣ young football fan will love. So why‍ wait? Get your hands on this ‌official college team football⁤ and⁤ let the⁤ fun begin!

Feature Description
Perfect Size Junior‌ size fits⁢ perfectly in⁤ players’‍ hands
Easy ⁢Grip Deep-pebble surface material for extra traction
Precision Stitched Laces Raised pebbled ‍laces for unparalleled grip and‌ control

Get your Franklin Sports NCAA Youth‍ Football now!

Exciting Team Logos and Colors

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Let’s talk about the of this junior football! The authentic ⁤NCAA team logos and colors really make this football stand out. Whether you’re a fan⁢ of the University​ of ​Michigan or another college team, you’ll love ⁢showing off your team spirit with⁤ this⁤ officially licensed football. ⁢The specially embossed logos give it a unique look and feel that any fan would ⁢appreciate.

The deep-pebble surface material and pro style ⁤hand sewn laces not only‌ ensure extra traction for easier throwing and catching, but they​ also​ add to the overall quality of the football. The precision stitched laces provide an unparalleled grip point, giving‍ you ‌more control and accuracy when playing. With vibrant‍ team colors and logos, this junior football is the perfect size for players of all ‍ages to ⁢enjoy. ⁣Get your⁤ hands on‍ one ⁣of ⁢these team-themed footballs and elevate your ‌game day experience!

Quality⁣ Construction for Long-lasting Play

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When it comes to , the Franklin Sports Kids NCAA ⁣Youth ‌Football truly⁣ delivers. Made of highly⁤ durable ‍PVC,​ this‍ junior ‍football is ​built to withstand countless⁤ games of catch in the ⁢yard or intense tosses⁤ at tailgates. The specially embossed team ⁣logos add a unique touch that any young football fan will appreciate.

The deep-pebble⁣ surface material and pro style⁣ hand-sewn laces provide ‍the perfect‍ grip for throwing ⁤and catching, making it easier for kids to mimic their‍ favorite players on the field. ⁢The precision-stitched laces give your fingers an unparalleled⁢ grip point, allowing for better control and more accurate⁢ throws. With ⁣authentic NCAA team logos and colors, this officially‌ licensed football is the perfect way for young fans to show off their team ‌pride. Get ⁤your hands on the⁢ Franklin Sports Kids ​NCAA Youth Football today and elevate your game to the​ next level!⁢ Check it out here!

Our Recommendation: Perfect for Young Fans ​and⁢ Players

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Looking for the‍ perfect football for the ⁤young fans⁢ and players in your⁢ life? Look no further than this‍ officially licensed NCAA team Junior football from ‍Franklin Sports! With authentic ⁤team logos‍ and colors, this football is ideal for a⁣ family toss around the yard ‍or for tailgating before ‌the big game. The junior size is just ‌right for little hands to catch and throw like the pros,⁢ while the deep-pebble surface and pro-style ‍laces ensure an easy grip ‍for more accurate throws and catches.

Constructed of highly durable PVC and featuring ​specially‍ embossed logos, this University of Michigan football ⁤is sure to stand out from the crowd. The precision stitched⁤ laces provide unparalleled grip for more ‍control and accurate throwing, making it a perfect ⁢choice for young fans and ⁣players​ alike. Don’t miss out on this must-have football for any young football enthusiast‌ – click the link​ below to get yours today! Order ⁤now!

Customer Reviews ‍Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After analyzing ‌customer reviews for the Franklin Sports Kids ⁤NCAA ⁤Youth ⁢Football, we found that the majority of ‌customers⁣ are extremely satisfied with their purchase. Here’s ‌a breakdown of the reviews:

Review Feedback
The ball does not feel cheap it is very nice and it’s smaller for younger players the letters will definitely get dirty fast if in use Positive review on quality and⁢ size for younger players
Such ⁤a great football​ for the price point! Gave as⁤ a gift⁢ and it was throughly enjoyed! Looks much more expensive than⁤ it is. Highly recommended!! Go Gators! Positive review on value for money
Excellent quality ‌- arrived quickly – this was given as part ‌of a basket for a silent auction. It grabbed ⁢a lot⁤ of‌ peoples attention. Positive review​ on quality and presentation
Great ⁣quality Positive review⁣ on overall quality
It’s ⁣a ⁢great size ball and such good quality. My Clemson loving ⁢son was so⁣ happy to get it! Great price too! Positive review on size, quality, and price
The football arrived‌ in‍ perfect ‌condition. It was already inflated​ and sturdy. Used for a garter “hand-off” for the Wedding.⁤ The guys loved ⁢this unique gesture as the ​couple wanted to specifically give the garter to⁢ one special gentleman. Positive review on condition and unique use
It’s ‍a nice football but ​not youth at all. It’s a⁤ regular size ball. I ⁤have an 8 year old‌ that⁤ could barely handle it so‌ I had to ⁣get him ‍a different one. Mixed review on size⁣ suitability⁢ for ‍younger⁤ players
My grandson asked for a football for his⁣ birthday. I can’t ⁢wait⁣ to give it to ‌him. He’s going to love it! Excited anticipation for‌ gifting
Compré desde‌ México, el producto es de alta calidad y acabados⁣ muy lindos, excelente para‍ jugar o ⁢de adorno Positive review from ⁣a customer in Mexico⁤ on quality and aesthetics
Excellent product,‌ no⁢ doubt. I’m a life long football fan and ‌player. So I know my footballs. This one is well made and has soaked up‌ a ton of abuse with minimal marks to show‌ for it. It’s ⁣a classic ⁢J5J⁤ size and weight, and the proportions are spot on. It is a tad slippery were the logos sit… but it’s worth the trade-off for the cool factor. I’d definitely buy again.‌ Great purchase! Highly positive review praising quality, durability, and cool factor
Really nice our grandson liked it. Positive feedback on grandson’s ​satisfaction
Great quality⁢ and size for young kids to play with. Positive review on quality and size⁤ suitability for ⁤young kids
My ⁣grandson loved it Positive review ‌on grandson’s satisfaction

Overall, the⁣ Franklin⁢ Sports ​Kids⁤ NCAA Youth Football has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from‍ customers,⁢ with many praising‌ its quality, size, and appeal as a gift for young‌ football fans.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & ⁣Cons


Durable PVC construction
Officially licensed NCAA team logos and‌ colors
Junior size perfect for kids
Deep-pebble surface for easy grip
Pro style hand sewn laces for extra traction


Junior size⁢ may be⁣ too⁤ small for adult players
Embossed logos may wear off over time

Overall, ‍the ⁢Franklin Sports Kids NCAA Youth ⁤Football ⁢is a great ⁢choice for young football fans looking to show off their team spirit while playing catch or tailgating.‌ The durable construction and authentic ‌team logos ⁢make it ‌a fun and stylish addition to any game day celebration. Just keep ‌in mind that the junior ⁤size may⁢ not be suitable for older ⁤players and the​ logos could fade with⁣ extended⁣ use.


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Q: Is this football suitable for ⁤kids to ​play catch with?

A:‌ Yes, this junior sized⁣ football is perfect‍ for kids to play catch with in the yard or at a tailgate before the big game. It’s designed to fit in ⁤a player’s hands,‌ making it easier for ​kids to catch and throw down ⁢field like the⁣ pros.

Q: ‌Are the team logos and colors authentic?

A:⁣ Yes, the Franklin Sports NCAA team licensed Junior football features authentic NCAA​ team​ logos and colors. The University of Michigan football, for ​example, is constructed with⁤ specially ⁣embossed logos ⁤for a⁤ unique look and ‍feel.

Q:⁣ Is the grip on⁣ this⁢ football easy to handle?

A: Definitely! The deep-pebble surface material ​and⁤ pro-style⁤ hand-sewn laces ensure ​extra traction, making it easier to throw and ⁣catch. The precision-stitched laces also give your fingers an unparalleled grip point, allowing ⁢for ‌more control‍ and accurate throwing.

Q: Is this football officially ⁣licensed?

A: Yes, this 8.5″ football is ⁤officially licensed, featuring team-specific logos and colors.⁢ So you can ⁤show off your team spirit in style⁢ while playing catch with this junior football.

Q: Is this football durable?

A: Absolutely! This junior football is constructed of highly durable PVC material, ⁢so you can enjoy playing with it for a ‌long time without worrying about it getting damaged⁣ easily. It’s perfect for both kids ‌and adults to enjoy a game of catch with.

Achieve New Heights

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As we ⁣wrap ⁤up our review of​ the Franklin Sports NCAA Licensed Junior Football, we can’t help but ‌emphasize how it’s the perfect addition to your tailgating experience or family fun in the backyard.​ With its authentic NCAA team⁣ logos, ​ideal size for young⁢ players, and‍ easy grip design, this football is sure‌ to be a hit with ​any Michigan football fan.

If you’re ready to‌ upgrade your tailgate‌ gear and show off your team ⁤pride, click here ⁣to get your own Franklin Sports NCAA Licensed ‍Junior Football today: Get ⁢the Official College Team ⁤Football with Team Logos

Tailgate in style with the‌ best gear around – get your Franklin Sports Junior ⁤Football now!

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