Smoking Made Stylish: Our Review of rogyra Windproof Metal Ashtray

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Welcome to our review of the roygra ⁢Ashtray with⁣ Lid – the perfect accessory for all the smokers out there looking to add a touch of ⁣style and functionality to⁢ their smoking⁣ experience. This sleek and compact metal ashtray in black is⁢ not only windproof and smokeless, but also features a lid to help reduce odor and ⁣keep your space tidy. With its large capacity and easy-to-clean ‍design,⁢ this ⁢ashtray is as practical​ as it is aesthetically pleasing. Join ​us​ as we⁣ dive into the features⁣ and benefits of the roygra Ashtray with Lid and see why it’s a must-have for any smoking environment.

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Looking for an ashtray that not only helps reduce smoke odor but ⁣also adds ‍a touch of style to your space? Look no further than this windproof, smokeless metal ashtray from roygra. With a sleek black design and a small size ⁤that can easily fit​ on any ⁢tabletop, this ashtray‍ is both functional and ⁢aesthetically pleasing.

Featuring a lid to help contain smoke when not in‍ use, this ashtray is⁤ perfect for use in a variety of settings, from homes to offices to outdoor spaces. The large capacity can accommodate 2-6 packs ‌of cigarettes, and the easy-to-clean⁢ design makes maintenance a breeze. Plus, with 6 color ⁤options ‍to choose from, you can find the perfect ashtray to suit your ⁢personal style.

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Elegant Design and Windproof Functionality

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Let’s talk‍ about the of the roygra Ashtray with Lid. This ⁢sleek⁤ metal⁢ ashtray features a sophisticated⁣ black ​finish,‍ making ⁤it a⁤ stylish addition to any setting.⁢ The small size of ⁢3.27 x 3.15 x 3.15’’ makes it perfect for both personal use and ‍as a thoughtful gift for loved ones. The ashtray is not only aesthetically pleasing ​but also highly functional, with a ⁣lid that effectively traps smoke to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

In ​addition to‍ its⁢ elegant design, this ashtray boasts windproof and rainproof‌ features, ensuring that your smoking experience remains hassle-free even in outdoor settings. The ashtray also comes with a protective pad at the bottom, preventing scratches on your tabletop surfaces. With its large capacity ⁤to hold 2-6 packs ⁤of cigarettes, ⁤the ashtray⁣ is not ⁤only practical‌ but also easy to maintain. Its‌ innovative ‌design includes 3 grooves for holding cigarettes and a central ​platform for extinguishing them, making cleaning a breeze. If you are ⁤looking​ for a stylish and functional ashtray that enhances your smoking experience, check out ‌the roygra Ashtray ⁣with Lid on Amazon.

Quality Construction and Easy Maintenance

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When it comes to , the roygra Ashtray with⁤ Lid truly stands ​out.⁣ The high-quality metal material ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable ​choice for daily use. The‍ windproof and rainproof design, along with the⁢ lid, not only helps reduce odor but⁤ also optimizes air quality by keeping smoke contained.

In addition to its sturdy construction, this ashtray is​ designed for ‌ease of use ⁤and maintenance. The edge ⁢design with three grooves allows for convenient cigarette placement, while the central platform makes it easy to extinguish cigarettes. Cleaning is a breeze with the easily disassembled central platform, ensuring a hassle-free experience. With its practical features and simple​ maintenance, this ashtray is a‍ perfect ​addition to any​ setting. ⁣Ready to upgrade your ashtray game? ​Check out the roygra Ashtray with ‌Lid and experience the perfect blend of .

Our ⁣Recommendations

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We highly recommend the roygra Ashtray with Lid for anyone looking for a stylish and functional solution to managing cigarette ash and smoke. The windproof ‍and ⁤smokeless design ensures ‍that guests feel comfortable and your ‌home stays tidy. The small size, at 3.27 x 3.15 x 3.15 inches, is perfect ⁣for personal use and fits easily⁢ on any tabletop.

The⁢ ashtray’s high-quality metal construction and lid make⁢ it both windproof and rainproof. The easy-to-clean design with three ⁣grooves for holding cigarettes and‍ a‌ central platform for extinguishing⁤ them makes maintenance a breeze. Additionally, the ashtray comes in six colors and three sizes to suit any aesthetic preference. With its elegant ⁣packaging and brand card included, it also makes for a great gift option for friends and family.

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Customer Reviews Analysis

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Customer Reviews Analysis

After⁢ reading through the ⁣reviews for the rogyra Windproof Metal Ashtray, we can see that ⁣customers have⁢ mixed⁢ opinions about this product. ⁢Let’s break it down:

Review Our⁣ Verdict
Works perfectly for our needs and it’s pretty Positive review,⁣ satisfied customer
I like this more than I thought I would. Stylish, practical, good quality. Positive review, stylish and practical
Doesn’t take up much room but hold⁢ a lot of ciggy ⁣butts and if it’s still going and you close it, it doesn’t smoke out ‍of the side at all. Very happy ⁤with ‌it, especially for the price. Positive review, great value for money
For the most part, this is a well-designed ashtray…The only⁣ problem is the lid doesn’t lock or screw on Mixed review, well-designed ‍but needs⁤ improvement
Love this ashtray. Great capacity and no more‍ flying ashes when it’s​ windy outside thanks to the lid. Positive review, windproof feature appreciated
Classy un-assuming ashtray! The lid is fine! Ashtray doesn’t blow away like the plastic one I⁤ was using. Positive review, classy and functional
I‍ like the fact that it doesn’t⁢ really look like an ashtray… Yeah ⁢3 stars good enough! Mixed review, unique design but inconvenient ​to use
Sturdy ashtray, quick ⁣delivery, recommended. Positive review, recommended product

Overall,​ the rogyra Windproof Metal Ashtray⁢ seems⁣ to be a stylish and practical‌ option⁣ for those⁤ in need of an ashtray. While some ​customers appreciate its design ⁢and functionality, others ‌have raised concerns about the ​lid not being secure enough. Despite‍ this, ‍the majority ​of reviews are ​positive, with many customers recommending this product for its sturdiness and ⁤value for money.

Pros & Cons

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Pros & Cons


1 Windproof and rainproof design
2 Reduces odor and optimizes air
3 Aesthetically⁤ pleasing with 6 color options
4 Large ​capacity​ can hold ⁤2-6 packs of cigarettes
5 Easy to clean with removable central platform
6 Includes ⁢brand card and gift box,⁢ making‍ it great for gifting
7 Suitable for various indoor and ⁢outdoor settings


1 Small size may not be suitable for heavy smokers
2 Metal material may ⁢get hot to touch after prolonged‍ use
3 May require frequent emptying if ⁢used by multiple people


Q: Is the lid truly windproof?
A: Yes, the lid​ of the ​rogyra ashtray ​is ⁢designed to effectively prevent smoke from escaping, making it windproof and suitable for outdoor ⁤use.

Q: ⁤How easy is it to clean the ashtray?
A:‍ Cleaning ​the ashtray is quite easy. The central platform can be rotated and disassembled for easy access to clean the⁢ inside.

Q: Can the ashtray​ accommodate larger cigarette⁢ packs?
A: The ashtray can⁢ accommodate 2-6 packs of cigarettes, making it ‍suitable for various ‌smoking needs.

Q: Does the ashtray come in different colors?
A: Yes,⁢ the rogyra ashtray is available in 6 different colors ​to suit⁣ everyone’s aesthetic preferences.

Q: Is the ashtray suitable for use in indoor spaces?
A: Absolutely! The rogyra ashtray ⁤is perfect for indoor spaces like homes, offices, and even outdoor spaces like patio,⁢ balconies, and more.⁢

Elevate Your Lifestyle

As we come to the end ⁢of our review for the roygra Windproof⁤ Metal Ashtray, we ​can confidently say that this ‍stylish ‌and practical accessory has exceeded‌ our expectations. With its sleek design, functionality, and ease of use, this ashtray ‍is a must-have ⁣for any smoker‍ or host looking to elevate their ​smoking experience.

If you are interested in adding this elegant ashtray to your collection, click here to⁣ purchase it on Amazon: Get your roygra Windproof ⁢Metal Ashtray⁣ now!

Thank you ⁣for joining us in this review, and ⁣we hope you enjoy your new roygra Ashtray with Lid ⁣as much as we have! Stay⁢ stylish, stay​ smokeless.

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